Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Primary Party 8.5.10

We had our Primary (the church childrens' group) water party on a thunderstormy day. The kids started out by cleaning all the children-sized chairs with soap and water, then moved on to a giant slip and slide, and finally to popsicles. As I stood at the bottom of the slip and slide, holding it down with one foot to keep the wind from blowing it away, cheering for each of the kids as they slid down, I realized I know about 75 percent of their names (better than I know their moms' names, that's for sure) and that I was starting to feel a little bit at home.

That's a good feeling.

And I am beginning to think that the majority of pictures I take of Ben are of Ben in motion. Or Ben eating sugar.

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Malisa said...

Does talking to me make you realize you're not the newest one anymore? I hope I feel more settled soon.