Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going Back to Cali 7.23.10

I headed to California (all alone) to play at my first piano teacher's memorial service.

I knew it was important to be at the memorial service to honor her, to pay tribute to the major impact she had on my development as a musician and as a person.

I didn't know that the weekend would end up being so healing and lovely and relaxing and fun and poignant, but I am so so glad it did.

I had my mom and dad to myself for three days for perhaps the first time ever since I was 17 months. That was a treat.

After I flew in to Orange County, my mom and I headed to the temple, and then Dad, Mom and I drove to LA to see Bri & Mike's apartment and Ananda & Matt's apartment. We spent some lovely time visiting, eating, and laughing, and I enjoyed watching baby Celia ham it up in a way I've never seen. She was so fun.

I loved seeing the spaces my siblings and their spouses have created for themselves, and getting a little glimpse into their oh-so-urban LA lives.

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Nanda said...

oh we loved seeing you, even if it was so short. The yogurtland was outstanding, though.