Monday, January 18, 2010

Picture of the Day 1.17.10

Josh (our very cute senior patrol leader) led the Court of Honor on Sunday night, and was awarded his Star. I'm really proud of the things that he's been doing in Scouts. I haven't always been a gung ho Scouting mom, but I've been impressed with his Scoutmaster and the responsibilities he's giving to Josh. It's been a really good experience for him, even the freezing cold backpacking trip they did in December.

Also, we had a great time with our friends Heather (one of my great piano buddies from BYU), Sam, and Garion who were visiting from Colorado. In fact, we had so much fun that they didn't leave until 1:30.


Lara said...

I remember Heather...she played for my masterclass one semester. :)

Love the picture of you getting your mom pin at the Court of Honor.

Lara said...

I started at BYU in 92, stayed until December 95 when I left for my mission and then came back Fall of 97 and graduated December 98. So yes, my first three years we were there together. :)