Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture of the Day 1.29.10

I love my Sophie. She begged to do the optional fourth grade science fair with her friend Angela. I said no. I figure we've got years of science fairs ahead of us. Why add an unnecessary year? Angela's mom said no, too. Angela is the youngest of seven siblings, and her mom has had six kids worth of science fairs. And despite parental disapproval, these girls planned the project, got permission to do the project even after the deadline was missed, and spent days working on their display. It's really fun to have a child without my tendency to procrastinate. Maybe I'll learn something I can apply to my own life...

See that egg on the counter? Ben decided to help make the cake. He did a great job of breaking the egg into the bundt pan while I was in another room. It could have been worse... One egg is a lot less mess than a dozen.

Mom and Dad came out with Chelsea and Chelsea's friend Jill for Abby's baptism. We had dinner with the family at our house on Friday night. I love seeing the babies together.

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Malisa said...

I love that Sophie and her friend both have their hair in braids. :)