Monday, January 18, 2010

Picture of the Day 1.18.10

My kids went to bed SO late last night that I told them the last one to wake up would get a surprise. Sophie won and SURPRISE...she got to choose what we ate for breakfast. (I know. I'm so super nice.) She chose aebleskivers. I swear, this video was totally uncoached. I just love two year olds. Later, he started calling the aebleskivers "beavers" which was also funny since he was wearing a "Busy as a beaver" shirt.

Later...OK, obviously I don't know how to upload a video properly, because the one I posted doesn't appear to be working well. I'm technologically-challenged. It's funny, though. When I ask Ben what we're having for breakfast, he tries to pronounce aebleskivers twice, then gives up and says "pancakes."

Since the video's apparently not working, here's Ben going to town on THREE (two in one hand, one in the other) totally overbaked (burned) chocolate chip cookies. Before breakfast. I'm such a good mom.


Danielle said...

Oh how we love aebelskivers! You are such a good mom to make breakfast AND cookies within the same week.

Gaylene said...

Kerri--we love abelskivers. They are saomewhat of a tradition at our house on Christmas Morning. We love our Danish Donuts because our kids can't say Abelskivers either!

Camilla said...

So adorable!

And that picture is priceless. A hopelessly beautiful child (seriously, how can you say no to that?) with a handful of delicious cookies!