Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clouds and Sun 4.30.10

This view is growing on me. I really love watching storms through the kitchen window, the play of light and shadow, the different colors, the rise and fall of the sun. I pretty much love looking at any kind of weather, EXCEPT when there's an inversion. I can't even think the word inversion without my stomach hurting.

Or is my stomach hurting because I just ate like a horse at Eric and Nina's Cinco de Mayo party? (I told you it's been a party week.)

I'll bet you can guess.

(And speaking of eating...I just saw a picture Ashleigh took of my back when we were at the park tonight. Oh boy. I know I've gained a couple (a few?) pounds in the last couple of months, but it wasn't until I saw the hard evidence that I realized something's got to give around here. Me and cookies (and Tres Leches cake? and brownies? and rolls? and homemade bread?) have got to take a break. Really.)