Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toys 5.13.10

I had kind of forgotten my adoration of three year olds.

I mean, they are physically darling, trying out all kinds of different actions all of the time. Ben's running gait changes within one run from the kitchen to his room. His arms flail all over, and then he changes his stride...OK. I know. It's one of those things that's way more fun to see than to explain. And when he is trying to figure out what he wants, he holds his hands out and wiggles his fingers in this crazy way. I adore it.

And then they say hysterical things. When Ben wanted to be held at two, he'd say, "Hoju me," which is still one of my favorite things. But now he says, "Mom. I wantcha. I WANTcha." Oh, and he sings all the time.

And then they adore their toys. I love watching their imaginations grow and grow and grow. Ben has found Josh's old stash of pirates and knights (passed down from some friends whose boys are now fully grown. These toys have been loved and loved and loved some more). He carries them around in a box. I love it.

This time is flying by. Just FLYING.


Gaylene said...

I love it! Ben is just so cute and I love that he is singing. I am amazed at what their little imaginations come up with while they are play with those silly toys!

Amber said...

YES, YES, YES!! Boys and their toys--I think it's way better to watch than girls and their toys. He sounds like a ton of fun!

Lara said...

The "I Wantcha" is adorable.

He is adorable.

Christina said...

Ahhh, I can't wait to see what Ben and Edra come up with next. Those two little minds. . .