Saturday, May 8, 2010

Super Glue is Just So Super 5.4.10

You may remember that I am good friends with Super Glue. I have terribly dry skin during Utah's seemingly unending winters and although Super Glue is not a PERFECT solution, it's the best thing I've come up with. I generally have to glue the cracks in my fingertips three or four times a week, but when I'm practicing a lot, I have to glue them nearly every day. One of the four year olds in my Primary class likes to point out how disgusting my fingertips look, but I'm getting over that. At least they don't hurt when they're covered in glue.

I'm quite a pro at the process of glueing my fingers. My friend Malisa glued her fingers together a couple of weeks ago and I thought that was pretty funny, especially when she ended up having to cut them apart. I didn't tease her as much as I wanted, because I'm nice like that. Now I'm glad that I was so nice.

As my facebook status said, "My stupid fingers hurt so much I couldn't practice, so I got out the superglue. Now my fingers are glued together so I can't practice. Just not my day."

So then I thought, oh, well, I can just gradually pull them apart.

And then I thought hot water and soap might work.

And then I tried cutting them apart with scissors.

I finally ended up holding my hand in front of the window to get the best light and then cut my fingers apart with a steak knife.

I haven't used the superglue since. But I think I'll give in tomorrow. My fingertips are hurting too badly to avoid it any longer. Wish me luck.


Gaylene said...

Hilarious--I so know how that is. To avoid getting teased by the primary children--take a fingernail file (emery board type) and it will file down the ugly sight of the glue. It works, I've tried it.
As for calm and relaxing--I made most of dinner this afternoon and all I have to do is strike up the broiler or just maybe one of the guys will get out the grill and I won't have to do anything! HA!

Love you too and miss you all loads!!!

Emilia said...

I love super glue!!! but...I don't think I've glued my fingers together...yet... :S

Lara said...

Ow ow ow.

You do what you have to do though! My mom super glues the cracks in her feet. She's a yoga teacher.

Malisa said...

Bwahahaha. It still makes me laugh thinking about this.