Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soccer 5.3.10

Soccer season for Josh has started again in earnest, usually four days a week. Games range from Bountiful to North Ogden. I enjoy being outside, letting the littles run free and enjoying the spring weather, even if I don't love driving farther than Bountiful. Also, regarding weather: Utah, I'd sure appreciate it if you could decide whether it is spring or winter. Thanks.

Josh LOVES the game. His team is less than stellar this year, and he sometimes comes home frustrated, but he still loves to play. I also think he's learning some good life lessons from this experience. The other day he came home from a game with David. When I asked how they did, he said, "Really good! We only lost by five this time!" And he meant it. Good kid. He got up at 6:00 this morning to run death squares (a jogging/sprinting exercise) in our backyard, since he's realizing that his endurance is not where he'd like it to be. His goal is to run early 3 days this week. I'm excited to see him make some personal goals and show this kind of initiative.

Oh, also, Josh has been telling me his shorts are too short. Ummmm...I guess there is now photographic proof. Poor kid. His mom had better show some initiative, too. The sports store shopping kind.


Liz said...

Cute Josh!!! OK so the weather in that picture looks like Spring and then we have the crazy wind and rain and sleet on other days or parts of other days! I'm so sick of WINTER, too!!! I was out running with Kyle and Alison when you called today and couldn't find a good time to actually call back and chat! Sorry! Thanks for thinking of me!

Christina said...

Good for Josh. And, yes, he's sporting some teen Eric length shorts. Cool pic of the field, too.

Amber said...

He wouldn't want to know this, but I noticed he had some awesome leg muscles in that shot!