Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Book Club 4.28.10

I tried out a new book club. Man, it's been a party week. I like party weeks. They're way more fun than normal weeks.

I loved the group of women, and it turned out that I have at one point or another taught piano to children of five of the women there.

The discussion was great. The book was good. (It's not one I recommend to readers with a distaste for gore or sex or language in books. Just saying.) And hanging out with intelligent, funny people for the third day in a row? Total plus.

Yippee. Apparently one of the secrets to a happy life is being around people other than children. Who'd have guessed?

Oh, also? Ignore the disgusting stuff that lives in the seams of my van seats. Yuck. I maybe shouldn't bring your attention to the grime? Maybe you wouldn't have noticed without this note? Oh you can go back and look more closely. Guess I need to vacuum more thoroughly. Better yet, maybe I need to ask David to work his magic on my van so that I can take pictures of books on the passenger seat and not be humiliated publicly.


Malisa said...

As my house has gotten cleaner, my van has done the opposite. I have you beat, hands down.

Amber said...

Those grimy seat seams. Ugg, my carpet is way more disgusting. I think my van might actually spawn and new breed of black mold.

Natalie said...

Nope, I really didn't notice the van seat until you said something. And yes, I really did scroll back up and look. Hahaha! I love your pictures! You take great photos. :)