Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aminal Preschool 3.23.10

Kate and Ben made a preschool for their aminals. They read them stories, had them take naps, and fed them noodles for snack.

I hope their childhoods can last a little bit longer. Time is speeding by so quickly. So so quickly. I just want afternoons with aminals to hang around for a few more years, and I want to pay attention when they happen.

And they'd better not start calling them "animals" anytime soon or I'll be crying in bed.


tonandboys said...

This is just too sweet!

Stephanie said...

you have sweet kids.

i wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog, and i wanted to tell you that from now on, when i disagree with someone, i am calling them a gadiantion (sp?) robber.

Gaylene said...

I love it!