Monday, March 8, 2010

Bedtime 3.8.10

Do you SEE the time? 11:17. It's 11:17 and all but one of my children are still awake. Plus the dog is making me crazy.

Josh was working on an English assignment. I forced him to bed.

Sophie woke up with leg cramps. I rubbed her leg and sent her to bed.

Ben. Oh, that dear, sweet Ben. Today was lesson day, so we had a couple of late afternoon hours in the car, and of course he fell asleep. So now he CAN'T fall asleep. Last night he snuck out of his bed, brought a box of cereal in to his room to spill on the carpet, tore all the covers off his bed, and brought the bath toys into his bed to spill water on his mattress. Tonight he's changed his clothes twice (who knew he was so good at putting on shirts? I didn't!), read books, and had two poopy diapers. I've told him he can only come and get me if he gets stinky. I think he's learned to get stinky on command. Honestly. Maybe that means potty training will come more easily. (We can always hope...)

Oh, and now it's 11:30 and I just heard his bedroom door softly close.

Tomorrow I am buying one of those childproof doorknob thingies, because I think I will go pure crazy if this goes on much longer.

And did I mention David's on tour until Thursday? Heaven help us all.


Karissa said...

haha I'm sorry. I tried one of those doorknob things on Zeke's door and he had it open within the first 5 minutes. I hope it works for you!

Amber said...

Dang it all! Where to start..
Seth wakes up with leg cramps/knee pain. Dr. says it's growing pains, but I wonder. Does Sophie have them regularly?

Childproof doorknobs are lifesavers, if he doesn't learn how to take them apart too quickly.

Why do these things happen when the hubby is not around??

You must be very tired!

Gaylene said...

Have you thought about turning out the lights and telling him he can't come out at all (unless of course there is a messy diaper)? If it is dark, it might work.

Go in your bedroom and pretend to be a sleep with a light under the sheets reading a book. It works for our 1 year old! lol!!!

Tyson and Laurel said...

Oh Kerri! What a guy that little Ben is. It's a good thing he is so very adorable. :)

Sometimes, I cannot get our doorknob thingies to let me open the door, but Katie could break it off with her teeth when she was two. Hmmm..

Malisa said...

Duct tape on the doorknob covers keep them on. Kids with poopy dipaers survive. It all sounds super crappy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's nights like this that make we want to go in my room and lock the door. :) Hope tonight was better. luv you, trina

Anonymous said...
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