Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talent Show 3.19.10

I am dying here. I will not name names but someone pushed the wrong button on the camera and there is no video of the cheer. Honestly, this is tragic. You all would have loved to see Skateboarding, I know, but it is lost to the ages now.

Sigh. It's very sad.

The talent show was a smorgasbord of fourth grade talent: a magician, a chicken imitation, a joke, an artist, seven or eight pianists, four violinists, two sets of breakdancing boys, a bunch of dancing girls, and a couple of singers.

It was an hour and 20 minutes of fun. And David had the day off so he got to see it, too. He was very excited. Ben pushed a chair around. He was very excited.

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bri&mike said...

This is the worst day of my life...I guess she will just have to recreate it.