Tuesday, March 16, 2010

People Who Might Become My Friends 3.16.10

Tonight was our ward Relief Society dinner (LDS translation: Relief Society is the LDS church's women's organization.) I went. I laughed, played the piano for a rehearsal, listened to one of my favorite pieces (My Shepherd Will Supply My Need), ate, and laughed some more. I needed to laugh a little.

I was reminded why I love Relief Society. I love the mix of women, the openness, the willingness to share parts of ourselves with those with whom we don't always have a lot in common, the gentle conversation, the road to sisterhood.

But yeah, I don't know most of their names yet.

I guess that will come.

I guess it will all eventually come.

Some people have told me it will take a year to feel at home. Some people have told me two years. My mom (and I love that she's keeping it real) told me four years.

But whether it's a year or two or four, I will eventually feel at home. These faces will be familiar to me. I'll know their strengths and weaknesses and joys and pains. They'll be my sisters.

And that's worth the wait.

Until then, I'll just study the ward directory with the pictures above the names and try to remember who is who.


Amber said...

You are brave to get a picture of semi=strangers. I think it will take less than 2 years. You went, that's the hardest part!!

Liz said...

It won't take you that long! You are an amazing person and they will all see that! It will be funny to look at this picture once you know all of them better or at least know their names! :)

Lara said...

You know, that may explain why I have never really felt at home in a ward. I've never lived in one (aside from the one I grew up in) for more than 3 years. Except for when I was RS President...I loved that ward, and I imagine it was because of my calling.

I think you will get there sooner than later though...I totally agree, if you are taking their picture, you have it in you to find a place in that ward.

Camille said...

I've found that the quicker I get involved and figure out who I'm working with, the sooner I have a base to start learning names from. I have felt at home in both wards I've been in since I left the one I was in from age 5 to age 22 -- and with just over 2 years in each! When you reach out (and you're one of the people who did when I moved into GV2), you'll feel more at home. Thank you again for making GV2 "home" for me!