Thursday, March 4, 2010

My David List 3.4.10

It's David's birthday, but he's working working working, so I didn't get a picture of him. This one was taken from his iPhone as he blew out the candles on his Work Cake. At least he got a LITTLE celebrating, right?

We are in one of those magical marriage phases right now, where the sacrifices, small and large kindnesses, and the just plain hard work are coming together in a happy happy way. It's rather enjoyable, I must say, and I am feeling full of love for this remarkable man I married.

Things to know about David:

1. He's really good at his job, and he has a remarkable way of helping people who are overwhelmed or frustrated. I love it when I get to hear stories about David at work from a colleague. They open my eyes even more to his gifts and talents.

2. He adores chocolate cake. And chocolate chip cookies. And chocolate chocolate chip cookies. And Cummings chocolates. Vanilla...not so much.

3. He loves cars. He especially loves BMWs. He also loves motorcycles, but thanks to me he has to love them from afar.

4. He makes up songs about people in his life. They are very funny.

5. He likes cheesy pop music. Sorry, David, it has to be said, because it's just one of those things about you that doesn't add up and makes you so interesting. And fun to tease...

6. He really really likes me. Even when the house is a mess. Or when I'm a blubbering emotional mess. Or when I tell the world that he likes cheesy pop music. It's nice to be loved.

7. He loves cinnamon rolls and loves it when Liz makes them for him. I make them, too, but they're apparently not as good as Liz's.

8. While he misses Grandview Circle and our friends from the old neighborhood (dreadfully), he is endearing himself to people here. He's even convinced the choir director in our new ward that we need to have a party at her house by asking her every week when she's going to throw us all a party. He's all about the parties, especially when they involve chocolate.

Happy Birthday, David!


Liz said...

I'm SURE your cinnamon rolls are better than mine! Especially since I don't focus when I'm making them and put X amount of salt in them (well, not in yours, but who knows if I got the ingredients right???!!! :) I sure enjoy sharing the treats that I make with people that appreciate them! Love you guys, and happy birthday again to David! (Just ran with Kyle and Alison in my beast of a stroller! Holy Cow it's been a long time since I've done that!)

Nanda said...

What a great man! And David, please remind me of the song you sang in honor of me. For the first few months of dating Matt, the thing I remember most was the Youngberg family reminding me that when I met David, I'd get a song. While I won't say that's why I married Matt, it was a nice freebie.