Monday, March 8, 2010

Piano Federation 3.6.10

The Federation Solo Festival comes every March. Until this year, I've always judged and never been able to listen to all of my kids perform, but thanks to our move to Davis County, I got kicked out of the Salt Lake Chapter. So this year there was no judging at all. After nine or ten years of judging two full Saturdays every March, this is quite a change. I've enjoyed the break, but had some bittersweet moments as I realized an era of my teaching life has come to a close.

Kate's teacher, Bridget Johansen (who is so fantastic), was so kind and offered to take Josh and Sophie as temporary students so they could enter under her studio. She taught them all summer and then for February to help them get ready. There were many many hours that I thought we wouldn't be able to pull it off, but the kids really worked hard (even if for one of them, it was a lot of last-minute preparation) and each of them ended up with a Superior rating. I'm so very very proud of their hard work and so grateful to Bridget for her wonderful guidance.

Kate played at nine. Well, I thought Kate played at nine. When I pulled out her judges' sheets to see which room she'd be playing in, I saw that she actually was supposed to play at 8:30.

So typical. Man. Sometimes I make myself a little disgusted.

The judges were very kind and fit her in anyway.

Josh played at three and Sophie at four, so we had some time to kill.

We found my friend Emily and her dog Happy. (Hi, Emily! You DID make the Picture of the Day.)

We should have found a babysitter for Ben. Here is how the last thirty minutes went:

I wonder at times if the convincing to practice, the money, the driving, the headaches, and the wrong notes are worth it. I wonder if they'll be angry at me for pushing them to do their best. I wonder if they'll remember how it felt to be pushed, but then how it felt to take on the responsibility personally and find joy in the process. I wonder if they'll love music like I do, for its pleasures and pains, for the onward struggle to be our best.

I think they will.

But if not, at least we'll have those Superior certificates.



Emilia said...

Yay! Happy made the picture of the day! Glad to hear everyone played well. :)

Jill W said...

Love it.

Michelle said...

oh, federation is so stressful and yet so fun when it goes well.

Congrats on the Superiors!

Nanda said...

Oh I just love those kids.

Gourmet Girls said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I am so proud to have been mentioned! You have great kids and it is due their hard work that they achieved their superiors!