Monday, March 8, 2010

My Brothers 3.4.10

Brent came up for a short visit (not long enough to suit me!). I loved having him around. Honestly, these brothers of mine are so fun. This isn't the best picture (hello. focus a little there, Kerri), but Brent's smile is so infectious.

I have six younger brothers, and they are all so different and so amazing. I think the plan is that we'll all be together for this Christmas, and I can't wait to listen to them laugh.


The Dances said...

oh no does that mean a Christmas in CA? We will most likely be in Poki and miss all of you :( If you stay long enough, maybe we'll make it back to come down and say hi.

Kurt and Ash said...

For some reason I had this crazy insensible desire to re read my blog, ananda's blog, and your blog back when Brentie died. And as I'm sobbing I came to this post and I hate thinking we were all supposed to be together for Christmas. I miss him