Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I didn't take a picture on 8.9.10. But I wanted to write the date anyway because it's so cool.

The day itself? Well, it was packing day for our Idaho trip. My family spent a week with my dad's extended family in Idaho at Lake Cascade for many many many years as I was growing up. It is part of the fabric of our family: waterskiing, floating on rafts, jumping into the lake, playing games, sitting and talking around campfires, watching meteor showers, singing at campfires. I think that many of my happiest and most formative times were spent camping with my cousins.

This year was going to be a special year. The family hadn't camped at Cascade since 2003, but Grandma was persuaded to help make it happen again. The families all jumped at the chance. And I think my mom said that out of my Grandma's 88 great-grandchildren, 82 were there. Cousins came from as far away as Chicago and Virginia. I think every one of my siblings was trying to go, until things changed.

Because things changed, I didn't much feel like taking a picture on 8.9.10.

Well, that's the truth of course, but the other truth is that I'm a terrible packer in normal situations. For camping? I'm way way worse. So pretty much 8.9.10 (There. I got to write it 4 times) was a non-fun day.

But packing was well worth it. The trip was fantastic. Wonderful. Everything I'd hoped it would be. Except I missed my siblings. I'm so glad Eric and Christina and Chelsea were there. It was magical.

Sorry y'all couldn't be there, guys. You would have loved it, too. Except maybe the day of cold and rain when the high was 54. (Yuck.)

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