Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Fun Begins 8.10.10

Well, I didn't finish packing on 8.9.10. (I got to write that date again! So fun.) Of COURSE I didn't finish packing. When have I ever finished packing on time????

So of course we left later than expected. By a few hours.

And so of course we showed up at the campsite after dark.


No matter! We had help (in the form of Boppa) in setting up our tent and dinner (thanks to Nana) waiting for us. My mom and dad were amazing. They provided all the meals for us. We just had to help cook a little. We made out like bandits on THAT deal.

Camping. It's so d@(#*d much work getting ready to camp, but so worth it once you're there. Until it's time to go home. Then it's so d(*&*d much work again. (I didn't really swear. It's "darned" behind all those symbols. Really, Mom, it is.)

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