Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cascade Lake in the Rain 8.11.10

This first picture is just why we made the effort to get to Idaho in the first place. Here is my sweet grandma with five of her great-grandchildren. Kate hadn't met any of these darling second cousins before Sunday, but by the time we left, they were fast friends. By the time we left? No. That's wrong. By Wednesday afternoon, they were fast friends. That's the magic of a Youngberg family reunion.

We were treated to a rainstorm overnight, and woke up to cold, cold, cold, and wet, wet, wet. Did the rain and cold change our plans? Yup. I was planning on a great run followed by a day at the lake. What did we get instead?

Time to wander around the camp, looking for someone wanting to party.

Lots of games of kubb, a Swedish game my dad made in his woodshop before the trip. My dad was great at it. I was not. But it was fun anyway.

Time to watch my very talented kubb-playing dad and cheerlead for the various kubb-playing teams. David was the best cheerleader, hands down.

Time to walk and talk.

And more time to wander.

Time to be silly. (So sorry, Mom.)

Time to visit the lake.

Time to drink in the gorgeous scenery.

Time to get re-acquainted with my cousins' darling families. Here's Steph and her family.

And here's Brian and his family.

Time to hang out. Josh discovered that he does indeed have cousins his age. They may be second cousins, but that doesn't matter when you're a Youngberg. I don't know if I ever saw Josh and Sophie after they found Ally. That's Ally on the top of the swingset.

Here's Karissa and her sweet Porter. Love the hair. There are not nearly enough red-headed Youngbergs. I'm glad to see a few coming out in the next generation.

More hanging out. Literally.

It's just not a party without another Kerri cake failure.

Ben made fast friends with Zeke, Karissa's oldest. They thought sweeping the dirt was a great plan.

Time to make new friends.

And time to dance. My cousin Gary brought all his church dance equipment, and we rocked the house. Well, we rocked the eating area. There was no house. And seriously, my mom loves to dance more than anything else in the world. Just look at her smile here.

And here. Oh, you didn't notice my mom, since you were so distracted by Dave's sweet moves. I know.

And here. The woman is dance-crazy.

Time to take pictures. I love my cousin Richard.

Time to dance some more. Yes, that's my mom living it up on the left.

Time to spend with my grandma. I love this woman.

Time to reconnect. I love this picture of these two almost-cousins.

And even more time to dance.

So I guess the long story short is that we really didn't end up caring too much that our water fun was rained out. Life was good (if a bit muddy).


Danielle said...

Okay, I really, really don't like family reunions, but these fun pictures might make me re-think it. Maybe.

Michelle said...

Cascade! My grandparents lived there for 30 years. My mother owns a lot on the shore...