Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cascade Lake in the Sun 8.12.10

(My sweet Kate and my sweet grandma, Roxie. She couldn't wait to show Grandma her Roxy swimshirt.)

Even though Wednesday was a fun day, I was a little worried that our entire trip would be rained out. Thankfully, Wednesday dawned clear, if still a little chilly. I was kind of in charge of a fun run ("kind of" meaning that I found out I was in charge the night before, so I ran around telling everyone to meet at the gate at 9:30 to run to the lake and back. That's MY kind of responsibility) so after breakfast, off we ran. After the fun run (won by 13-year-old Nathaniel), Christina, Eric, Mom, my cousin Steph, my uncle Clark and I all went on a longer run. It was really gorgeous. A perfect beginning. And as we ran, it got warmer and warmer.

Definitely a water day. Hooray!

So down we all went to the lake. There are a lot of us. A LOT. Throughout the week at camp there were over 180 people at camp. Not all of us were at the lake at once, but it almost looks like it in the pictures. Highlights: canoeing with David, watching my kids being happy happy happy, watching the little kids learn to ski on the trainer ski, and reliving many wonderful days from my past.

Uncle Dave and Kate
Steph's family

Later, back at camp, we watched the three-year-olds wander, throwing berries at everything in sight. Eric and Dad did the dutch oven thing. After dinner, we took the littles back to the lake so they could try their luck at fishing. David is a patient, patient man. And sadly, there were no fish! Such a surprise!

It was a perfect day to end our camping trip. I started campaigning to meet back at the campground in two more years, and I think I may have convinced almost everyone that a biannual enormous, crazy, wonderful Youngberg reunion is exactly what we all need.


Christina said...

I'm up for even doing a reunion yearly. Oh yeah, you kind of need a hook on your fishing rod to catch a fish! Heeheehee! :-)

Natalie said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! I am envious of the fun run and the long run! I am sure you made some wonderful memories for your children (and you as well).