Thursday, September 23, 2010

Josh's 50 Miler 8.14.10

After getting in fairly late at night on Friday, we got up at 4 (yes, you read that correctly) to get to Bear Lake in time for Josh's first 50 mile bike ride.  We were lucky enough to get involved with a great group of people who put together a summer program to help kids earn merit badges for a very low price.  Josh did his art, citizenship in the community, citizenship in the nation, sculpture, and biking merit badges through the group.  The biking merit badge was by far Josh's favorite, and it culminated with a 50 miler around Bear Lake.  He did it with his Scoutmaster and his Scoutmaster's two boys.  He loved it.  He's planning to do the century (twice around the lake) next year.  I love seeing my kids get passionate about something.

The girls and I had fun with Michelle Christiansen while the boys were biking.  We headed over to her friends' condo where the girls quickly became friends with the children of the condo owners.  And it turns out they live in David's brother's ward in Bountiful.  We walked over to the lake and fed the carp that live near the docks.  Really gross.  And really cool.

Josh and the Christiansens
At the first rest stop
Ben.  Fashionista.

The carp.  Totally disgusting and yet somehow still fun to feed.
Handing out medals
Finished.  Still feeling good.
And of course, no trip to Bear Lake is complete without a raspberry shake.

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Youngberg! said...

"ben: fashionista" might be one of my favorite pictures ever.