Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cello 12.12.10

Josh had his cello recital at the Main Library.  Nicole (his teacher, my friend) recently recorded a few tracks for a CD for Deseret Book.  (It's lovely, by the way.)  She asked if I would accompany her on a couple of the same pieces at the beginning of the recital.

I love playing with Nicole.  We've been playing together since college, and the connection is really easy.  It doesn't take a lot of work to feel pretty confident.  So we decided not to worry about rehearsing.  I showed up and we performed.

We decided a run-through might have been smart when she played a different version of the Thais Meditation than the one for which she gave me the accompaniment.  Hers ended 16 measures before mine.  Oops.  She decided to do some long harmonics for a couple of measures to see if I'd figure it out, which I eventually did.  We ended mostly together.

Josh needs a new cello.  He's needed a new cello since the early months of 2010.  He's playing on a 1/2 size.  He needed a 3/4 size.  Now Nicole says he needs a full size.  I guess not buying a new cello came in handy...we just get to skip a size.

Except did I just mention that now he needs a full size?  Why oh why didn't I insist no one in our family could play a string instrument?  We already own three pianos.  We should have said "Piano ONLY.  No exceptions."  I guess I'll be selling one of the three to buy a cello.  Anyone want a piano?


Lara said...

Not that I have 3 pianos (just one for now!), But I do get the frustration of having to keep upsizing the darn violin. Bria is growing so fast, that I finally decided to just rent this time until she gets her full-sized. Sophia will be starting violin next year, and at least we have a couple to get her through a bit. :)

Hope you had a merry Christmas! I've been thinking about you lately.

Tracy said...

Wonderful!! Oh, how I would love to see a video of you playing!!

Gaylene said...

Wow! Good for Josh. Cello's are expensive. I wanted to play the viola in school, but to my surprise the only thing they had available was cello--they (the teachers) told me I could switch later if I wanted...hah! Today I only play the radio and the piano sometimes.