Sunday, December 12, 2010

Josh is Awesome 11.16.10

I love pay-off parenting moments.  They don't happen often (which is why they're so special), but they're worth waiting for.

Josh was asked to be in the all-district junior high honor orchestra (for seventh to ninth graders).  He was the only cellist selected from his school.  When he got to the first rehersal, they split to determine seating.  And Josh was chosen to be first chair.  He had spent good solid practice time with the music, determined to go in with the music learned well, and I'm so glad that he recognized the necessity of preparation time.

After the concert, we celebrated with Tasty's donuts, an old long-lost favorite that we rediscovered near the performance site in Layton.  Josh got his apple fritter.  As big as his head.  It doesn't get much better than a boy smiling this big, does it?

(I was smiling just as big as Josh.  This school year has been such an improvement for all of us in so many ways.  I'm just glad that Josh is really finding his footing.)


Nanda said...

Congratulations Josh! Thanks for setting a high bar for our little one who's yet-to-be-born. You'll inspire her :)

(Ok all of the cousins set a high bar, but you get my point ...)

Shannon said...

Is that at Northridge? That's my school! :) I love Tasty's and that's awesome that he prepared and did so well!

Gaylene said...

Way to go JOSH!!!!!