Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Friend Krisa (and Marianne's Shower) 11.12.10

I love my friend Krisa.  I love her thoughtfulness, her charity, her wisdom, her laugh, and her heart.  I also love her family.  I took a couple of pictures of them for their Christmas card at the SLC City/County building where her husband works.

Her youngest, Eliza, is one of Kate's good buddies.  It had been way too long since they'd been together.  I love seeing their happy faces.

Later that night, I went to Krisa's to celebrate the impending arrival of our friend Marianne's second baby.  I love Marianne, too.  She's passionate, intelligent, funny, cool, and I'm so glad that we've been able to stay in touch.  All three of us were in the same ward, and all three of us moved out within a couple of months, so it's fantastic to find reasons to hang out.

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