Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Poor Kate 11.4.10

Our poor Kate has been complaining about her stomach and throat since before school started in August.  We've been to the doctor, back to the doctor, back to the doctor, and back to the doctor, looking for clues.  Finally we were sent up to Primary Children's for tests.  Kate did not like having her blood drawn.  She babied her arm for the next day or so.

Verdict?  Possibly mono.  The scary tests all came back fine, so that was good.  And the recheck we did last week was clear.  We're moving on to figuring out if diet has something to do with her constant yuckiness.  After Christmas we'll start keeping a food journal and pulling different things out of her diet.

And to that, I have to say BLEH.  My one child who eats almost everything now has to STOP eating things?  Just my luck!

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