Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities Begin and the Blizzard that Wasn't 11.23.10

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving I had a fantastic idea.  I thought "Why not force my California family members to drive hours and hours to Utah to enjoy freezing cold weather and snow for Thanksgiving?" Strangely, it took a really long time to convince everyone, but I'm so glad they got to be here before the forecasted Blizzard of the Century hit!!!

We made sure we had flashlights and batteries and blankets and food that we could eat cold if the power went out.  We made a delicious dinner and sugar cookies and waited for the snow to come.

And come it did, with wind a-plenty.  We felt snug and happy with our fire and warm house and games to play.

But then the snow stopped.

Dumb blizzard.  Way to get our hopes up.

We WERE glad that it stopped, though, because Eric and Nina had to leave a day later than planned and we wanted the weather to cooperate for them.

Kate is hiding next to Boppa.  She's decided I take too many pictures.  I'VE decided I take too many pictures.

And what could be more delicious than licking the frosting off a cookie?  Not much, except for the little face doing the licking.  THAT is one delicious boy, I tell you.

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Karin Webb said...

I love it when I find someone else that finds their kids "delicious." I always tell Dallin that I'm going to eat him up- and I really mean it! Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving. We avoid all that crazy blizzard-ness by always staying put in St.George!