Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pie Day and Fixing Sinks and Josh Goes Skiing and We Celebrate My Dad's Advanced Age 11.24.10

Wednesday we made pies.  Lots and lots of pies.  I thought if I watched my mom, I might be able to learn some of her secrets.  She's a pie genius.

I didn't learn any secrets, but I did have a lot of fun.

And so did Ananda:

Dad and David fixed the sink in the guest bathroom.

And Josh went skiing with some friends.

And we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday with one of the newly baked pies.

I love my dad (and my little sis).   And honestly?  That pie wasn't so shabby, either.

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Gaylene said...

Your dad does not look 70--I was thinking closer to 60!!!! He looks great.