Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apple Peeling 12.11.10

Kids with morning eyes helping me make applesauce

We held our neighborhood Swedish Pancake breakfast on the 11th.  We asked our street to come have breakfast with us and in lieu of neighbor gifts this year, to donate to either the Food Bank or local families in need.

It was wonderful to laugh with my neighbors and feel so much more at home than we did a year ago.  There are shared memories now, laughs, teasing.  Many friends told me it would take a year to feel comfortable in a new home.  They were right.  It's still not like the family we built around us in Sugarhouse, but at least we're starting down that path.


Karin Webb said...

Oh no, I still have 6 more months before I reach my year mark. But I feel like we're on the path as well.

And I love your idea for the pancake breakfast. We did a similar thing in our last neighborhood but with doughnuts and hot cocoa, and donating to the local food bank instead of neighbor gifts. I'm definitely going to start it up here next year because I have a counter full of neighbor gifts GIVEN to us, but I still haven't given anything AWAY yet! I love how it takes that stress away.

Merry Christmas!!

Amber said...

Gah...that means I have 10 more months. I wish I had some totally delicious and rare treat i could make to invite neighbors over for--total ice breaker! So cool.

Danielle said...

I love your breakfast idea, and I may steal it for next year.

I'm so impressed how close to caught up you are with your pictures. I love seeing them. What an accomplishment, Kerri!