Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 10

Saturday, Oct. 18
Josh has been playing soccer in Bountiful since May. We thought it would help make the transition to Davis County a little easier for him in case the move happened. Saturday was the last game of the fall season, which will be a relief in some ways, but sad in others. Four days of soccer a week is a bit much, especially when some weeks included two games in North Ogden, about 55 minutes away, but Josh is always happy to play soccer, and he'll miss it until indoor begins in February. We haven't all made it to all of Josh's games, but Saturday we all went, and brought Will, Abby, and Ezra with us. They stayed with us Friday and most of Saturday while Eric and Christina (and Evy!) were in Seattle. I liked this picture of David and Ben and the way it captures their sweet relationship.

Sunday, Oct. 19
My parents came back to town, just for one night. After church today, I begged everyone to go back to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for a walk. I ran there yesterday, so that makes three days in a row for me. I think it's my new happy place, and I have needed one desperately. Gorgeous, peaceful, wonderful. We were the only ones on the trail except for a little snake.

Also, I bought a piano on Saturday. (YES!!!! It's very exciting!!!! Details later...)

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Liz said...

I'm glad you have a new happy place! I ran 8 alone on Saturday. Haven't done that in a long while! It may have led me to my negative attitude post...but I think I've turned that frown upside down! No clue about pianos, but I'm happy for you being happy! Oh, and enjoy the break from Soccer...I'm sure something else will fill the time. At least that's how my life goes! Keep smiling!