Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Official. I'm a Davis County Girl.

I can't believe I just typed that. It's freaking me out.

(And yes, I know that at 37, I don't really fit into the "girl" category.)

We moved last Friday. I don't recommend moving a family of six less than a week after running a marathon. I do, however, recommend having friends and family like mine, because MAN, they have been REMARKABLE. I have dozens of thank you notes to write. Those of you who deserve one? Let me just remind you that while I'm full of good intentions, it takes me a really long time to act on them, so plan to see one in the next month or so. (Or it could mean you'll get one next year, or it could even mean that I'll find the heartfelt thank-you note I wrote you complete with stamp UNMAILED in another year after that. Yes. It's happened often.)

My friends painted my house, packed my junk, brought me dinners, watched my kids, listened to me cry, told me I could do it, packed up their cars with my stuff, cleaned my house, and loved me even as I prepared to leave them and our little corner of paradise. If I ever find friends half as wonderful in this neighborhood I'll count myself lucky. I wish I could write enough to do their acts justice. I can't. I can only say thank you. You are dear and kind and good.

I like the house. This is good news. I miss my old neighborhood. This is to be expected. I'm trying hard to reserve judgment on my NEW neighborhood until much more time has passed, because of course right now nothing will match up with what I've left.

There are many children on the street, and they've welcomed my kids with open arms. I had five neighborhood kids in the basement and backyard this afternoon. That's good. There will be more good, I'm sure. I'll wait to see what it is.

So anyway, I'm back-ish. And now, for more boxes. And laundry. And organizing.



Gaylene said...

Drats--kids in the basement. That's a sure fire sign that you are staying there! Too bad, but if you don't find that you like all those children in your basement, there are always houses in our ward for sale!!!

Lara said...


And I wish you all the energy you need to get yourself unpacked and moved in.

Danielle said...

Sounds like you are settling in. It took us about a year before we really felt like we "lived" here, so give yourself some time and send all those kids over to someone else's house while you're unpacking!

Liz said...

I'm impressed that you're blogging already!!! You're amazing! I don't fit in the "girl" category either. Some of the girls told me that when we hiked to Ensign Peak! BUT, you are one of my girls so there! :)- And Davis County is NOT that far away. I'm glad!

Malisa said...

I've be coveting since I left. It's not good for me to covet. I can't help it. I "like" you house too - as in dreaming about it. I like the light. I LIKE the storage. I like the space. I like the mudroom. I like the cupboards. I like the garage. I like... I should probably stop now, right? I'm glad you're back online. The blogging world is not the same without you.

thedailydelights said...

Oh, happy for you that it finally happened. I think I oughta send your neighbors letters so they know just how lucky they are that you are there! luvs, trina

Our EyreLife said...

Congratulations! Sounds like quite the week! You're so great and I can't wait to see pictures of your new place!

Miss you!