Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 8

Wednesday, Oct. 14
We got booed, but in a much grander fashion than we have ever been booed before. This Halloween cone-of-delights is cool way beyond the photocopied picture we used to use back on Grandview. Sorry Grandview peeps. I didn't know that my white copy paper was so lacking until now.
(Don't know about boo-ing? Just a fun neighborhood tradition around Halloween where you get treats, a poem, and a ghost of some sort dropped off at your door in classic ding-dong-ditch style. Once you get booed, you have to stick the appropriate ghost picture on your front window to alert the neighborhood that you are popular, and then you choose a couple of neighbors to boo, thus ensuring that every neighbor gets a chance.)

Thursday, Oct. 15
It's my birthday. I'm 38. Yes, I am, and there's nothing I can do about it.
Yesterday I picked up David for more hours of piano shopping fun. He got in the car, looked at me funny, (I thought he was going to say how cute I was. I honestly did.) and said, "I've never seen that wrinkle there!" Nice.
Piano shopping on my birthday was the best part of the day. Also, Krisa brought me balloons. I loved Krisa's balloons, her visit, and her earlier phone therapy session. Friends are amazing. So I think that I'll give thanks for my friends today. This picture is of me opening my presents (my real present is a piano, but David did get me a sweatshirt and some treats. I was not expecting anything. Ben did not want to take a picture.


Karin Webb said...

We got boo-ed tonight too! I always wonder who the neighbor is that starts this year after year. Cute idea but not something I ever think of doing until it gets left on our doorstep each year.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!

Lara said...

Happy birthday! I can't wait to see your new piano....such an awesome gift!

I was thinking I should Boo my neighbors. I don't know if it's done around here, but I could start it!

Emilia said...

I'm loving this series. Thanks for posting!