Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giving Thanks, Day 7, and the First Pictures of the Day

Today I'm grateful that Christina has started me on my picture of the day extravaganza. I've loved her project. She has a simple photo album with sleeves for pictures and for journaling, and takes a picture of whatever she feels like each day. It's so fun to glance through her album and see life in all its variety. She gave me such a thoughtful birthday/moving gift last week to help me on the way to make my own. And perfect timing, too, since I've been wallowing in the negative. It's been good to have a companion to my giving thanks series. This is life, too, in all its messiness, and I've been needing to find things to celebrate. Or commemorate, anyway.

Here are the first pictures of the day, starting with last Monday. I missed a few days. Too bad, so sad.

Monday, Oct. 5
First day at the new schools. Perfect looks on both of my sweet girls' faces.

Thurs, Oct. 8
I got bangs. And I look old. The bangs I like. The looking old I don't.

Friday, Oct. 9
The beginning of putting together IKEA furniture. Ben loved helping David. LOVED helping. I'm not so sure it was really helping, but he sure had a blast.

Saturday, Oct. 10
Ummm...Yeah. That's all I have to say. Oh, except that moving is really hard. And really messy. For a really long time.

Sunday, Oct. 11
My brother Steven came to visit on his way home from his spring and summer dog mushing in Alaska. Steven is hysterical. I love his wolf/dreamcatcher sweater. It was a gift from a dog-loving tourist.

Monday, Oct. 12
Mom and Dad came overnight before a trip and we had our first family party in the new house. We all ended up in the kitchen. And we all fit! Amazing.

Tuesday, Oct. 13
The view from the balcony at night.

It's so good that I have these little distractions. Otherwise, this post would have been about my run this morning (passed 3 people walking their dogs and a couple running. No one said hi back to me. BUT, the dawn was gorgeous over the fall colored mountains), the way I backed into the garage door while I was rushing out to take late Sophie to school (I wish I could blame the slow garage door, rather than my obvious oblivion), how I got to pay $62.10 to have someone fix said garage door, how I wasn't able to accomplish much of anything around the house despite valiant efforts (my valiant efforts seem to be fruitless), and how Kate threw up all over the car, garage floor, hall, and bathroom after dinner. It's been a fun day.

Also, I have really nice parents.


Malisa said...

The pictures are AWESOME. The garage cost less than I expected. Kate through up all over? I'm so, so sorry.

Our Family said...

You look great! Oh and your house looks like a dream!

Danielle said...

Beautiful house, beautiful family, beautiful views! I think your bangs are great.

Sarah said...

Honestly, your bangs make you look younger! I really like them-so sophisticated.

Austin and Leslie said...

I'm glad to finally see pictures of the house. It really is beautiful. When I get down to Bountiful, I'd like to come see it and the family :)

Christina said...

Love the pics! I especially love the pic of Ben and Dave. I'm so glad you're doing the project!

Camille said...

Glad to hear you're settling in and making your house your own! (The stories we'll tell...) The one fun thing about unpacking (I haven't finished yet...) is that you get to find a place for things - and put them in the right place! (And decide that you want something else in that place and re-arrange...) Hope all is well - your house is beautiful! And thanks for the pics of everyday - that's what it's really about.

Katie McNeil said...

The house looks GREAT! And you are super hot in bangs. I wish I were brave enough to get them. Hope things calm down soon. You are super woman.

Ananda said...

Holy moly - i love love love your house and your bangs! I love your house. Hush up about the piano - you have a house that I could move into and you wouldn't even know for a month or so. ;-) If you really want to cry I'll keep reminding you of the price we might pay for a house here.

I miss you guys and plan on seeing you around Christmas - Matt and I are road-tripping up for the holidays in the Venza. Love you guys!!

Amber said...

Your house looks AWESOME!! I do like the bangs-your hair looked completely blonde in that picture. You DO have great parents. And this may sound creepy, but last weekend when I was at the SLC cemetery, I wondered if you lived nearby. But I'm really fuzzy on SLC neighborhoods, so I was probably way wrong.

tonandboys said...

I LOVE Your Bangs! Too Cute! I love your family picture! I have always admired your mother beyond words. She is so classy and so sweet and kind and good. Your dad is so much fun...such a tease. He is such a fun uncle. You have such an amazing family.

Lara said...

Your house is lovely! Even in its messy state. Moving is crazy messy, I hear you!

I LOVE the view from your balcony, and you don't look old! You look great!