Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 11

Monday, Oct. 19
Kate was still home sick. She found an old lettering book from my scrapbooking days and decided to surprise me with a (belated) birthday card.
"Happy Birthday
It has famliy in it so wach for famliy."
"Happy Birthday
You are tuneing 28. I love you. You are the Best mom ever. I Love your food And Dresrtes. Their very good. I now how to right all are famliy's name's. here it go's David Kerri Josh Sophia Kathryn Ben. I Love my Famliy. And I'm sorry thet I Did not eat that much at Brekcfist.
I (heart) my Famliy

I mean, honestly. How can you not love a girl like that? And also, how can I not love that I'm "tuneing 28"?

Wednesday, Oct. 21
More sickness. Really. Ben got sick late Monday night, so yesterday Kate and Ben were sick (although Kate was acting much better. I mainly kept her home because I really think she may have had a flu of a porcine nature, and I thought the school would appreciate her being home until all symptoms were gone.) Today Kate was better, but Ben's worse. And Josh came home feeling yucky and now has the fever to go along with the yuckiness. Poor guy. (Poor me.) (No, I really mean poor guy. I'm doing OK.)

So today I'm grateful for medicine. My picture of the day just captures a few of the over-the-counter remedies that are getting us through the swine flu (or other virus of like nature.)

Also, I was gifted some of the most amazing cookies today (thanks, Bishop Anderson!) for my birthday. Oh man. I didn't know about Cutler's Cookies. And now I might wish I still didn't know about Cutler's Cookies, because my lack of much running means I'm getting flabbier than I would like. But the chocolate marshmallow and the chocolate mint cookies? They might be worth getting flabby for. Or not. I can't decide.


Lara said...

I love that birthday card!

Sibber said...

Yep.. Cutlers is a problem here in Bountiful! The mint ones are worth it... well... dang... they all are! Welcome to Bountiful my dear! :)

Liz said...

DARLING Kate! Sorry about the sickies! I think I say that too much to the Green family!!! Those cookies are the bomb!!! I didn't want to share with anyone when he brought me some! Are we going to ever go out for your birthday??? I'd like to treat!!!

thedailydelights said...

Happy 28th beautiful! :) What a treasure of a card! hugs, katrina

Austin and Leslie said...

Love the card from Kate. How precious. It just goes to show how innocent children really are. :)