Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving Thanks, Early Version

I've been a big fat whiner for too long. I had my knock-upside-the-head on the phone with my mom and sister yesterday. I had been complaining about everything to them on Monday, including the sighting of a deer in our backyard. They were laughing at me because instead of saying how cool it was that there was actually a DEER in my BACKYARD, I was saying, "So now I have to worry about deer eating my garden."

So now I'm worried about possible deer eating a possible garden some time in my future? I think this is ironic, since I've only had one successful garden in my fourteen years of home ownership. Who's to say that I'd actually pull off a garden next year anyway? Complaining about possible problems in my future is NOT where I want my mind to be.

On my run today (I HATE RUNNING HERE. There. I said it. I HATE RUNNING HERE. I have to run ONE MILE STRAIGHT UPHILL before I get to a better path, and even that road is hilly) I saw two deer munching on some homeowner's flowerbeds (SEE? The deer are going to eat my garden!) and stopped. We stared each other down as I moved past them, and I thought, "Oh my heavens, I get to see deer on my morning runs! This is cool." And I realized that my trademark optimism needs some help, because that was just about the first time I was really excited about my neighborhood, and that I've been miring down in some deep gloom.

Yes, November is a month away, but I'm bringing back my giving thanks series. It's not as bad as Christmas carols in September. Giving thanks is never really out of style, right?

Today I'm grateful that my mom and Bri could laugh at me and let me see my whining through their eyes. It wasn't a pretty picture, but it was worth seeing.

Optimistic Kerri may return. We'll see. But I'm still mad at that future deer eating my future green beans.


Gaylene said...

When I was a "Davis County" girl and lived in downtown Bountiful
(of which I loved and came to Highland Park kicking and screaming) we had deer in out yard all of the time. We loved it. It just reminded us how close we were to the mountains that we loved so much and how close we really were to nature.
It will get better. As much as I hated moving up here when we first came--I couldn't be dragged out of here without kicking and screaming harder than I did when we came!

Danielle said...

Don't forget, Glee is on tonight! That's what I'm thankful for today.

Lara said...

I get it. I really do.

PS, if you hate running in your neighborhood, I don't know what you'd think of mine. I can't walk to the bus stop without getting an asthma attack. All because of the hills!

Good luck with the deer. I'm sure you can figure out some organic deer repellent for those future green beans.

Camilla said...

Okay, I'll add to your deer woes: My parents live in the hills in Alpine and I hate to say it but here is what else they will much on: tulips and other assorted flowers (they do stay away from daffodils if you have a hankering to plant some bulbs this month), gardens, and many types of evergreens.

On the plus side: a fence is great deer repellent. Looks like Dave has his work cut out for him next spring if you see green beans in your future.

Tell Kate hi from Eliza.

tonandboys said...

Wow! I can unfortunately relate to that. Deer have eaten hundreds of dollars worth of fruit trees in my yard...and yet we keep planting them. Luckily, they don't usually come down from the highest elevations until your garden is about to freeze anyway. Really & Truly. Here's to HOPE! So, I think I know how to make you feel better, or at least laugh a little today. At least you are still near civilization, because my deer come with an even higher price. Hunters firing at will quite literally in my backyard. Seriously! One day, I found a hunter aiming right at my by window. Now, see, you really still enjoy some of the comforts of civilization. Good luck!