Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Club 2.25.10

The autofocus on my favorite lens is broken. The culprit shall remain nameless, but he is a teenage boy living in my house who thought the autofocus ring on my 50mm was a zoom ring, and manhandled it until he figured out something was not quite right. Now something is not quite right almost all of the time.

That's a long explanation for why this picture is blurry.

It's blurry, but it makes me happy, because I really love these friends of mine. I was asked to be part of a book club years ago, but rehearsals for the choir I played for were always on Thursday nights, as were the book club meetings. As soon as the choir disbanded, I was excited to finally join.

And then I moved.

But I'm not about to stop going to book club. The discussion this month was about The New York Regional Mormon Singles Dance. (Disclaimer: I'm not recommending this book to everyone. It's NOT a book for everyone. It's definitely not a "clean Mormon" read, despite its title, and has things that might be offensive to some readers. Overall, though, there was much to like about it and it was certainly great for conversation.) The laughter and good talk were healing. I was reminded what a gift it is to sit with those who really know me, to weave new conversations and to build new memories.

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