Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Picture of the Day 2.22.10

Wow. This is so not a good picture.

Sophie had her storytelling festival. She memorized Split Pea Soup (a George and Martha story) and I was excited to see her perform. The festival was scheduled to begin at 1:00. Thanks to procrastination (me) and dawdling (Ben), we arrived at the school library at 1:04. Her teacher was leaving the library and said, "Oh. You missed it." (She's not a warm and fuzzy teacher.) I said, "Oh! I thought it started at 1:00!" She said, "Yes. It's now 1:05."

Okay, then...

Luckily, the librarian saw my distress and had Sophie perform again. The picture is of Sophie and her buddies Haylie, Kenzie, and Angela right after the performance.

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Malisa said...

Bwahahahha. That's life, isn't it?