Friday, February 12, 2010

Picture of the Day 2.10.10

I'm still freaking out a little about Josh's performance for Solo and Ensemble. (Is Solo and Ensemble a Utah-only thing? We didn't do it in California, so I still don't really know how it works.) He told me a few weeks ago he'd be playing a movement from a Haydn quartet (The Bird, Op. 33), and then somehow it actually happened. The quartet met at our house on Tuesday night for over an hour and played with increasing musicality as the hour wore on. They decided to meet at school the next morning at 7 (no prodding from mothers). And they rocked. Seriously. It was really exciting. And of course I brought the videocamera to capture this history in the making. And found out that I hadn't charged the battery. Will I ever EVER learn? So without any video or audio evidence, I'll have to just make you take my word for it. They did great.

Also, I needed to prove that everything old is new again. Sorry about the blurry picture, but I had to pretend to take a picture of Sophie to covertly snap this one. I'm just so sneaky. Boys in pegged pants...ahhh, the memories.

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Malisa said...

Whose legs are those?