Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Picture of the Day 2.20.10

Ben has never enjoyed haircuts. This was the first haircut he was excited to have, thanks to Cookie Cutters' brilliant use of TVs in front of each hair-cutting station. Sigh. Why is everything easier with media? He was excited, that is, until the clippers came out. Then he just squirmed and made faces and remembered why he has always hated haircuts.


Liz said...

He looks like a "Rock Star"!!! Chad will be so jealous! He's been in a rock star mood lately. I asked him to take a dirty diaper out and he said "Rock Stars don't do that!" He had a hat and sunglasses on when he said this, so I should have known! Ben is getting so big...almost THREE!!! Love it!

Camille said...

What a face! I wonder how Annie'll take it when I finally get her hair cut! She's got a few loosey goosey hairs that will get in her eyes, but I'm perfecting the swoop-off-to-the-side look and curls at the nape of her neck so she doesn't know the difference :)