Sunday, February 7, 2010

Picture of the Day 2.7.10

We went down south to Eleanor Rose's baby blessing. Eleanor is the daughter of our nephew Chris and his wife Allison. Chris has the unfortunate honor of being one of my very first piano students. He plays as well as you expect for having a beginner teacher and learning on a portable keyboard (not at all, I think), but is a great guitarist. I take all the credit. Well, no I don't. Chris is an intelligent, interesting, and funny guy, and I am freaking out that he's old enough to be a dad.

Also, how have I not experienced before now? So so much fun. I'm searching for a contemporary piece to add to my audition repertoire, and I'm being a little picky. OK, a lot picky. I want it to be audience-friendly, but unusual. I want it to be late 20th century (written after I was born) or 21st century. I want it to be showy, mostly tonal (audience-friendly, after all), and not too long. I have not found the right piece. But lala is helping me search. Hooray for lala. Seriously. I really like lala.


Danielle said...

So you are saying that you're a great aunt? That's so cool!

Plus, I think you should take complete credit for his musical talent. That's what crazy aunts do.

Katie McNeil said...

lala is awesome. Apple bought them recently and now you can upload your entire iTunes library to lala and listen to your collection wherever from the web!

tonandboys said...

Ok, now I have to check out lala. too fun!