Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine.

I really like David. I ALSO really love him.

This is an inside joke, and inside jokes are the kind I like best on Valentine's Day, because they remind me that we have nearly 20 years of inside jokes together. Inside jokes remind me that someone else shares my history and remembers so many of the things I remember, that our past is something we can be joyful about.

Here's to an eternity of more inside jokes with my David.

But no more hot dogs at the dump.

(Yup. You guessed it...another inside joke.)


Danielle said...

Inside jokes are my favorites too. I especially love when you can just look at each other and know the joke without anyone saying anything.

Nanda said...

What a stud. Great photo of a studly guy! That's a 2fer - a great photographer gets to showcase her talent with a handsome subject. Everyone wins!