Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recital 2.26.10

Daily, there is the battle to fit in the practicing.

Weekly, there is the 25 minute trip to lessons.

Monthly, there is the payment for piano lessons.

And every so often there is the pay off. The recital. Oh, blessed night when the stars align and the preparation comes together for a good performance...

And even when the stars don't align, and the performance is not perfect, recitals are still pretty special.

This one was even more special because it was Sophie's first recital with Bridget as her teacher. Sophie and Josh took lessons from Bridget this summer, but once school started and the move was imminent, I decided to continue teaching them myself.

This was not a good idea.

Then I was kicked out of the SL chapter of Federation because I had the audacity to move to another county. How dare I? Bridget was kind enough to take on Josh and Sophie as temporary students in the month of February so they could enter with her studio. Bless you, Bridget.

I hate to admit it, but it REALLY was a bad idea to teach my own kids piano. It baffles me that I can say "Watch that phrasing." "Practice that in sections, slow to fast with metronome." "That's a quarter, not an eighth." and they don't believe a word of it. But if Bridget says the same things (and she does), suddenly they listen.


The recital was fun. The shakes after the recital were yummy (or so I'm told). And I'm so so proud of my sweet girls (and so so grateful for Bridget's wonderful teaching.)

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Lara said...

Amen to that. It is pretty funny. My kids don't even believe me when I say those things to them during practice. Or Joel, for that matter.

Thank goodness for good teachers!