Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Picture of the Day 2.24.10

Tuesday was a bad Ben day. Bad bad bad. He had been up until midnight on Monday night, thanks to a nap earlier in the day, and so was a beast on Tuesday, hitting, biting, screaming. Oh. The screaming. I was venting to Christina, and she (bless her) invited him to join Ezra for playgroup this morning with some of his old buddies (shout out to Peter and Roger! I miss your mommies!) So I said yes. Yes, yes, yes, YES! I dropped him off, went for a run, and then we all headed out to McDonald's Playland. I realized that Ben has been totally neglected as a fourth child when we pulled up and he said, "What is that? How do you get up there?" It's true. The child has never been to a playland. (Neglected or blessed? decide.) But oh boy, he's been initiated. He was in heaven, and all the kids were up and down, rolling down the slide like puppies.

And don't you think Bennie looks like his friend Roger on the far right? I get those two mixed up, especially from behind.


Amber said...

You know I would comment and say I feel your pain and how blessed you are to have a sister in law so close who would take him.

I'd say it's hard to get the 4th to a playland when the other 3 have no interest in them or have outgrown them. Ben has just been exposed to other maybe, more grown up things? :)

He gives the best faces.

Lara said...

Totally cracks me up. It's probably a good thing that he never knew it'll have to see how it goes now that he knows the big secret!

Sophia will be like that. She's been to one a few times, but here in this town there ISN'T one. Our McDonald's has a lovely fireplace, but no play place.

Danielle said...

We need to get Ben and my little girls together. I think they could think of some FANTASTIC stuff to get into. And they can swap note about how deprived they are. We've never been to the play land either.

The Dunham Family said...

That makes sense that Ben had never been to playland before--that is why he never came over to eat.
Just think of all the illness you have missed out on. I think one of Camilla's kids had a accident up there-eww!

Malisa said...

Ben's face is just perfect for the description of the day. :)