Friday, February 12, 2010

Picture of the Day 2.9.10

Sophie started complaining about her eyes in September, but when we had them checked out at the pediatrician's office, they seemed perfectly fine. She complained more as time went on, but I ignored her because I'm a really good mom. Then we went to the pediatrician again, and I asked if she could have her eyes checked again. Ummmmmmm...yeah. I didn't know eyes could change that fast. So we hit the optometrist's office and are in the process of choosing cute glasses for a cute girl. I got my first pair of (ugly brown) glasses when I was eight, so I understand the complex feelings surrounding getting your first pair. Luckily, she's super cute and can totally pull off specs.

And I just couldn't resist adding this one...


Janae said...

ok first off...that picture of Ben is CLASSIC!! haha. seriously so funny. :) Lucky you for getting brown frames first. Mine happened to be bright green & took up 3/4 of my face. Oh wait, no that was my 2nd pair. My first pair were bright pink with Minnie Mouse on the sides and yes they still took up 3/4 of my face. I still have issues with my mom for letting me pick what I thought was "cute". Come on Connie. Be the parent. Say NO!!

I think Sophie looks adorable. She totally pulls off the specs. :)

Danielle said...

Tell Sophie that girls with glasses are the cutest, smartest AND coolest. And we should know!