Sunday, October 3, 2010

Celebrating Back to School 8.22.10

I decided to throw the kids a back to school dinner and then have them throw us a back to school fashion show.  We were thrilled that David's mom decided to join us and spend the night.  I think I might even say that fun was had by all, even though Sophie tried to boycott the fashion show.  She thought I was a little silly.  She is probably right.

This has nothing to do with our back to school party.  It's just cute because it's Josh's first time home teaching with his dad.

And dessert...brownies and blackberry cobbler.  I enjoyed them thoroughly because it was my last day (until my birthday in October) to eat treats.  I love my sugar a bit too much and it's starting to show.

It was also a hard day for me, because it was Brent's birthday.  I thought about what would be the best way to remember him, and I decided he would be OK about making the day about his nieces and nephews.  He loved them so much.  So I remembered him in my own way and kept him in my heart the whole day (as I seem to most days.)

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