Saturday, October 30, 2010

Piano Group and Salute to Youth 9.28.10

Ahhh...Piano Group.  I just can't really tell you how much I love Piano Group.  I look forward to it like I do nothing else each month.  This month was wonderful.  Cody and her husband Todd (a wonderful tenor) were preparing for a recital on Temple Square and wanted to run through some of their repertoire for us: some Schumann and Ginastera.  So lovely.  Jill played some Bach (the first mvt of the Italian Concerto) and so did I (the Allemande from the 2nd Partita.  I finished memorizing it the day before).  Am I forgetting anybody?

But does anybody have a better name than Piano Group?  We've all been discussing it and we haven't figured anything out.  Shout out any suggestions you have.

Later that night, David took the biggies to the Salute to Youth concert (the night once a year when young performers solo with the Utah Symphony).  They all came home inspired.


Lara said...

Fabulous Fingers?

That's all I got.

Amber said...

I would LOVE to belong or just crash into a group dedicated to music. I would look forward to that too! How divine.

I have no help for a name,sorry!