Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sophie's Book Three Recital 9.1.10

Sophie's teacher, Kathy, decided it would be fun for her three students in Book Three to do their recital together.  It was a great summer goal for all of them.  We had the recital at our home, and I was really proud of them.  It's been fun watching each of them grow up and move from little violins to bigger and bigger ones.

Also, it was piano group at Kathryn's.  We had lots of talking time and then we mostly worked on duets. We also listened to Cody who is getting ready for a recital with her husband on Temple Square, and Jill, who was preparing a recital with her daughter.  So much fun.

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Natalie said...

Book Three, as in Suzuki book three? Sounds like she's really progressing! Good for her. There's some really fun pieces in that book.