Sunday, October 3, 2010

Labor Day 9.6.10

I love picnics in Heber.  The food is amazing and the company is great.

Yes, Alysha is wearing a mask.  They found a box of old masks leftover from David's dad's office and made good use of them.  More cousin fun...I love cousins.

After the picnic, we had a barbecue at our house with Llew, Sally, Jeff and Hillary, complete with bonfire and s'mores.  And the hardest part for me?  Not only did our picnic at David's mom's have TWO DESSERTS AND ICE CREAM, but at the barbecue, what did we end up with?  TWO DESSERTS AND ICE CREAM.  Seriously unfair.  I was strong, though.  I have $20 on the line (a contest with my cousin, Peggy) and I'm determined not to give up.


Danielle said...

Not everyone is brave enough to come to Heber Valley on Labor Day weekend-maybe it's just me who's not brave enough.

Natalie said...

You have some seriously strong willpower. I could not give up sweets like that. I'm so impressed!!