Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Kinda Busy Right Now 9.23.10

So, you might have noticed that my blog posting has become slightly sporadic.  This might be why.

Can you read it?

That's right.  I'm crazy.  Totally and completely crazy.

And yet, kinda completely excited too.

So I've started the application process for my DMA.  And the auditions are in February.  And I'm freaked out.  And I shouldn't even talk about this in public, because what if I play my audition and they're all, "'re not really who we're looking for.  You're a little old.  And your playing is a little rusty.  So come back when you're younger and a superstar and have no children demanding dinner every night or help with homework or need someone to clean up the carpet yet again."?  Yeah.  That will be embarrassing, won't it, since I've announced my intentions publicly now and you all know what I'm intending.

So maybe pretend you didn't read this.  And if you did read it, and you're so inclined, pray for me.  Pray for me hard.  And also pray that Ben gets fully potty trained a little more quickly so I can be practicing instead of cleaning carpets.  And also pray that the people who will be listening to me in four months (FOUR MONTHS???) will think I'm worth taking a chance on.

(Because I am...  I think.)


Emilia said...

totally worth taking a chance on!!! And I totally understand...and I'm kinda jealous that you have the guts to do it and I don't. :)

Danielle said...

Awesome, Kerri!

Nanda said...

Do it. We are rooting for you!