Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Point with the Nanas 8.17.10

My mom and my grandma (Nana Beth to all the kiddos) flew up for my mom's cousin's funeral (this made three for me in two months.  But who's counting?)  We had never had the opportunity to have Nana Beth stay at our home, but we were lucky lucky lucky this visit.  I picked them up late at night and brought them home, where I made them stay up WAY too late, but enjoyed them thoroughly.

The next morning we visited Kurt and Ash so Nana Beth could see their darling house, and then we headed down to $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point.  Everything is insanely crowded on $2 Tuesdays there except for the big gardens, so that's where we headed.

Kurt and Ashleigh's amazing garden.  I've been enjoying their produce all summer.
Nana and Nana Beth treated us all to lunch before we hit the gardens.

While we were sitting still to recover from the heat, we found my niece Alysha! $2 Tuesday really draws a crowd.
Ezra and Ben were map-happy.
The guests of honor, escaping the heat.

After wandering the (hot) gardens, we decided to let the kids play in the Noah's Ark splash pool.  About three thousand other people thought that was a great idea, so we had to make do with the boat launch stream.

 After Thanksgiving Point, we drove Nana Beth to my great-aunt Laurel's house in Sandy and we returned to my house to have dinner with everybody (including Blake!) to celebrate Christina's birthday.  All in all, it was a great (if hot) day.

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Natalie said...

Looks like so much fun! You take some really awesome photos. :)